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Chapter 15 International Relations

1.Operating Around the Globe
The actions of individuals and organizations in one part of the world are felt instantly and irrevocably by people around the globe.
Multinational corporations, in particular, must be sensitive to how their actions might affect people of different cultures in different geographies.

Hopscotching the World for Public Relations :

Canadian public relations are the rival of American practice in terms of its level of acceptance, respect, sophistication and maturity.
Canadian public relations professionals must be conversant not only in English speaking parts of their country but also in the French speaking markets, such as Quebec.

Europe is the domicile of some of the world’s mightiest companies, from BMW and Volkswagen in Germany.
Latin America
iLatin America is expending at a faster rate than virtually any other region in the world.
In terms of public relations development in Latin America, the scene is more chaotic than in the United States, Canada or Europe.

Public relations in Asia have experienced sharp growth in recent years.
The practice of public relations is contrary to the nation’s cultural heritage.

China holds great potential for public relations expansion.

Elsewhere in Asia, public relations also have begun to take root.
Every Asian country is different and public relations practice differs considerably from that in the United Stated.

Eastern Europe:
In the new democracies of Eastern Europe, there are 370 million consumers and so the prospects for public relations expansion are enticing.

The practice of public relations has been steadily developing.
The practice of PR still has a ways to go in Russia.

Australia and New Zealand:
The public relations Institute of Australia is an extremely active organization and the practice is widespread.
Australian public relations practice is more low key and less flashy than American practice but no less competent and sophisticated.

The practice of public relation in Africa is growing.
As the most developed country in sub-Saharan African, South Africa led the continent in sophisticated public relations.
In several African countries, public relations practitioners are not allowed to practice their craft unless they are registered members of designated national public relations associations, which adhere to strict standards and ethics.

Middle East:
Despite the misunderstandings, hostilities, and frayed feelings that exist between the Middle East and the West, the practice of public relations, in parts of the Middle East at least, has grown nicely.
The practice itself is far different than that practiced in the United States.

3. Communicating to the Global Village:
Communication media around the world have truly converted the globe into one large “village”, united by satellite and internet technology. What happens in one corner of the globe is instantly transmitted to another.
On of the most active global communications factors are the tens of thousands of nongovernmental organization (NGO).such organization can spread their views across the glob.
As globalization and international trade impact societies, such NGOs have become increasingly influential in world affairs.

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